What a Show!

Few days ago we celebrated our own annual trade event and presented the latest product portfolio with exclusive brands and promotions.

It has been amazing! With such an unique range of quality products and promotions, the overall feedback was fantastic. We are delighted with the increased number of visitors and overall interest from accounts.

This year, the m&N trade show came back better and stronger which saw a 51% visitor increase!


  • 28% new line extensions and new products

  • 16% new launch brands 

“I come every year to do all my Christmas and store buying for the rest of the year, I wouldn’t miss it” Mr J. Lakhani

“Fantastic day!!! The crowd were very enthusiastic and engaging!” Vanessa Lloyd

        “Busiest of the four M&N Shows I have been at.”  Claire Ferguson

“A great put together show making it easy and enjoyable for everyone ” Sam Harvey

“I couldn’t recommend anything else. I would say I didn’t expect the show to be as busy. I was really impressed” Antony Houghton

      “We had a brilliant time at the event – it was our first time but we will certainly be back!! Anna Brightman 

     “It was a really well organised and successful event. Look forward to next year’s M&N Trade Show”  Amanda Heron


2019 Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations to our 3 lucky winners!

1st Prize: LG NanoCell 49″ TV

Rob Carrozza–  Health Matters




2nd prize:  Apple Watch

Mr. Pradip  Kotecha – Murrays Pharmacy




3rd Prize:  Yardley Hamper

Mr Raj Pandya– DB Jones Pharmacy


Thank you for being part of M&N’s family and help us to create such an amazing atmosphere!

M&N Trade Show – a place where quality meets competitive prices.