M&N Trade Show 15th annual event, presenting the latest product portfolio with exclusive brands and promotions, has been amazing!

From the venue to our exhibitors, all promotions and networking to the traditional lunch, the atmosphere was incredible. Thank you for being part of M&N’s family!



“I come every year to do all my Christmas and store buying for the rest of the year, I wouldn’t miss it” Mr J. Lakhani


“Busiest of the four M&N Shows I have been at.”- Claire Ferguson


“Lovely food and drinks readily available throughout the day”– Mark Bird


“I couldn’t recommend anything else. I would say I didn’t expect the show to be as busy. I was really impressed”- Antony Houghton



Loyalty Chart – image credit, online registration data

Interest Chart – image credit, online registration data

Prize DRAW Winners

Congratulations to our 3 lucky winners!

1st Prize: Mr J. Lakhani – Elgon Chemist (Enfield)_______



2nd prize:  Mr. S. Patel – Lloyd George Pharmacy (Croydon)_______


3rd Prize:  Mr. J Vibhakar – K Pharmacy (Slough)_____________ 


With such an amazing range of products and promotions held on the day, the overall feedback was fantastic, and we are delighted with the increase of interest and accounts.


Thank you again for attending M&N Trade Show – a place where quality meets competitive prices.