M&N Health Beauty


Born out of a passion for connecting exquisite brands and products to key consumers, M&N seeks to promote and be known as:

  • The leading specialist brand, distribution, sales, and marketing business by adding intrinsic value and improving the overall experience for everyone they work with: colleagues, suppliers and consumers.
  • The source and supply of relevant product brands that people want and need. The combination of an established distribution network, retail expertise and understanding of consumers demands, places M & N in an enviable position.
  • Embracing new technologies to improve efficiency and efficacy for delivering powerful, segmented information to target specific retail and consumer groups.
  • To maintain and build an internal collaborative team culture where support, respect, and care for the aim of a common goal is as important for each other, as it is to be shared and realised by every direct customer.
  • An internal and external source of strength, to drive growth and trust, collaboratively reducing risks and costs.