The first 2020 M&N PriceList edition is out! 

This year M&N celebrates a new decade and our company’s 25th anniversary.

Understanding that none of our achievements would have been possible without your support and to show you our gratitude, we plan to bring much news, events and reasons to honour your trust and valued partnership.

Keep an eye on our newsletters and catalogues to reap the forthcoming benefits.

On this first edition, M&N PriceList presents you with new seasonal product promotions, features, highlights, such as the ones presented below, up and coming launches as well as relevant market sector news.

Capitalising on the hugely successful ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Christmas’ offers, we will further expand our highly successful direct to consumer, store personalized, marketing campaigns; Kicking off the year with our ‘special perfume selection’ Valentine’s and Mother’s Day unmissable deals!

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